Tehláreň takes its name from the former brickyard where our story began. We are opening up abandoned buildings and areas that we as a society have forgotten about and that have been decaying for decades. Each year the festival takes place in a different abandoned building with a fascinating history. Before the festival gates open, we clean up, restore and secure the spaces. So far, we have opened four sites that have been waiting decades for their second chance.

The program

Our main goal is to strengthen the artistic community and connect generations. We connect the young art of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, providing a space for artistic self-realisation outside the institutional environment. Every year Tehláreň hosts a collective exhibition, concerts, performances, original readings and film screenings. We combine the production of young students with the older, established generation of cultural personalities in the form of lectures, workshops and presentations.

Who are we?

We are students of art colleges. We come from regions such as Liptov, Gemer, Orava and Turiec. Studying in bigger cities of Slovakia and Europe motivated us to actively create and establish culture in the regions of central Slovakia. Apart from Tehláreň, we also organise other events. We founded the independent Galéria lavička (The bench gallery), where each exhibition takes place on different benches in public spaces of various cities.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.